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Tenets Of Being pt2

Tenets of Being pt2     You are the witness, not the projection What time is the present moment? You can only know “I” from the past Thinking is not the source of consciousness You cannot be human and infallible Cognition requires past You are life, life is not yours The creator is creation The Now moment can never be lost Titles create entitlement You have no say in death, only life Truth is the source of both right and wrong Reality is perceived thru 2 states: object (identity)/ subject (perceiver) Being is realizing the line between you and time Who you think you are doesn’t exist

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Love, Love, Love

The quality of any experiential state is either reduced or expanded by the identifiable contrast between conceptual expectation (future) versus a recapitulation of outcome (past). Where does the concept of love (the Now) figure into this conversation. These are my thoughts...

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Truth Slayer - eBook - The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind

Life hosts an elephant in the room so big that we've turned something that is the penultimate spiritual experience - while also being the only resoundingly absolute experience you know that you'll have - into the subtext of life's unease and neurosis. The psychological dilemma itself is death, which can only exist to the mind as an abstraction attempting to amend the absolute.

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