Can you tell a wish from a spell?

“I” - the thinking self

Identity - story of self, concepts/ objective

Memory - modulated past experience/ trauma

Belief - filter expectation/ outcome efficiencies

Rhetoric - dialectical application of reason

Reason - thinking justifying abstraction

Perception - the angle of awareness

Value - risk/ reward, foundational hierarchies

Self - who you project as your story/ subjective 

Self-Denial - unconscious, shadow, unresolved

Mind - identifying contrast correlates 

Fear - maintaining external subjective value

Time - stopgaps of linear correlates

The Now - being, no mind, perfect symmetry 

Symbol - lexicon of unconscious storehouse 

Nature - breadth of (un)known, (in)animate

Life - breadth of experiential/ conceptual

Death - actual x 1, psychological x 10000

“I am” - conscious awareness w/ in being

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