EGO - The abstraction of thought as the projection of form

Ultimately, the Ego can be focused into a protector demon. As long as your ego is in service to the pure self the ego can be drawn upon like a ‘shapeshifter.’ You cannot ultimately control thoughts or the Ego, but only your unconscious self leverages the self denial that keeps your Ego running the show. As you accept your own shadow self, aka your unresolved dark side, your Ego will ultimately align to your higher self. It does so for its survival. 

The purity of enlightenment isn’t from the destruction of the Ego, rather its the mastering of it. Enlightenment is the mastering of your ego demon by no longer identifying in it, not in its elimination. 

Our grounded, physical vessel somehow needs this dense aspect, as its the door keeper to the individual and collective unconscious and unresolved self and also protector of the physical vessel. This interface -  the within to the without - subsequently governs identity hierarchies and, therefore, leverages unconscious adherence to their subjective frameworks. 

In short, if you don’t harness your Ego demon, someone else will. This is where the influence of unconscious suggestion derives its marketing power; it can be solicited. As long as you mistakenly seek this demon thru subjective, external influences you’ll remain in denial of this spirit force within. 

We may crave company, but until you find your self, unflinchingly, you’ll maintain external, subjective hierarchies.  

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