Gateway to The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind

the Portal Motel - Gateway to The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of MindI became aware of something both abstract and tangible.  My Mind.

By 'Mind' I mean that which you conjure as your own personal and collective, subjective and objective user interface to reality. This is your ideology and identity. If you have an identity then you are rendering your ideology as your objective reality point-of-view. You cannot remove your self from your viewpoint for it is establishing it.

Things which seem objective to the mind are not the surrounding objects that the mind can identify, but the underlying ideas, conditions, patterns and biases that are recalled from the presence or absence of those objects. This is where the objective becomes subjective, and vice versa.

The Now moment it seems is hedged by these mental and emotional overlays. So even though the mind wants to affirm an objective and tangible reality it can only render value within the subjective continuity based upon those attachments. Change may be the only constant, yet our mind wants to retain the established continuity. The mind wants to retain continuity with whatever it has imbued with identity. This is life to mind. However, the continuity that the mind seeks remains in the abstract.

What I've found is that the ability to Reason doesn't necessarily route out a false premise of logic if it appears without contradiction to the continuity of the identity enforcing it. If a contradiction remains it does so unconsciously. Structures of logic that seem reasonable are often leveraged by an abstracted profile of identity against the ability to discern otherwise.

This as a contradiction. Not of the minds efficiency, but as a value marker of mind-identification. As a construct it can only exist in the mind within time in the abstract. This is fine in certain circumstances but it is also a hindrance to raw self-awareness.

I wrote The Pathology of Reason out of a series of these unfolding insights. These Mechanisms of Mind predict how the identity of self will leverage any conditioned value construct. These are the very constructs that give the identity and its sense of value a return on investment.

What I've uncovered is the mind's inherent inability to know itself in the Now beyond the construct of time. Without contrast from the Now no-thing readily exists as can be quantified. The discerning mind needs contrast (time/space) in order to construct anything, otherwise only a correlate construct of our conditioning is necessary to maintain our overall continuity, which is vital to our underlying foundations of self.

This may comprise what we inherit from our experiences and so on, but it is also our environmental and supportive precursors. When these are then compromised, or triggered, we'll defend this compromise even if the logic is false; as long as its premise is value-adjusted to our identity. Also, as long as any belief maintains our overall semblance of continuity - meaning that there are no inherent contradictions that we would otherwise route out - we will consider something to be reasonable, even if its mixed with or derived from our own conjecture.

It's almost as if we rely more on conjecture and maintaining continuity with what we perceive as truth and identity than the actual unabridged version. Any story, whether true or false, is more important - and therefore more enticing - to maintaining our identity if its what we've come to know than letting go of the false or self-limiting ones.

The Pathology of Reason was written thru this key-hole of awareness. My intention is to communicate this circumference in order to expand our awareness of these identity constructs on a deeper level.

Just as I have, you've probably also leveraged your wellbeing within you Now for the premise of an abstraction of a better tomorrow, and then considered that directive objective. It is essentially a manufactured identity overlay that's based within time while remaining un-keen to the awareness and potential that exists within you Now.

What we all can ultimately gain from an expanded sense of self awareness is the no-thing. Only once we've pierced the veil of illusion can we begin to fully recognize our true self.


-Justin Simcik