Love, Love, Love

Love, Self-Love, Selfless Love

 Which form of Love do you radiate?

 *Love, as related to perceived and experiential states of consciousness.

Love you can give and receive. It is the most conceptually relatable form of love but it is an external exchange and mostly symbolic. Self-Love goes beyond Love (as object of perception) because, while Love can be given endlessly, it cannot be purely conceived or received if one is incapable of Self-Love. In this way Self-Love is aware as the observer and influencer of Love as subject rather than limited to an external projection (object).

On the other hand, Selfless Love is the highest attainment of love. This form of love is in complete harmony both internally and externally. It is even beyond the sense of “I”. In this state, love simply is and you are in accordance with it. You are the conduit, the perceiver, the lens and the interpreter. It is not an obligatory exchange or hierarchy, it is the entire framework.

This recognition or state of love is conscious being beyond finite mind-identification (ego). As such, It is a deeply sensed state of knowing.  


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