The Life-blood of Love & Rx Streetwear And Accessories

Love & Rx - The ℞ symbol originated in medieval manuscripts as an abbreviation for the Latin word literally meaning "recipe," now used in the form of the verb "to take." Folk origin stories for the symbol ℞ note its similarity to the Eye of Horus or to the ancient symbol for Zeus or Jupiter.
Life is Love and we're all searching for the recipe.
A coined term that represents the juxtaposition of human fragility within the exigency of will. It is a cultural metaphor calling attention to the necessity of personal, creative and artistic expression over an austerely established, homogenized and closed-system view.
Love & Rx recognizes that the life-blood of any vibrant culture depends upon its diversity as a sign of strength and does not subvert but celebrates this dynamic nature. The point is to let go of closed-system, binary thinking and remain open-minded to the complexities of human nature and creativity and be the catalyst for human awareness and understanding.
May your fate be determined by your character. 

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