Truth Slayer - eBook - The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind

The Pathology of Reason outlines the mind's identity of Self as its efficient hierarchy framework. Thru the mind's formulation of time, the ultimate teleological abstraction, a tale so powerfully subtle intertwines itself within the early formations of mental, emotional and behavioral constructs. These resultant Mechanisms of Mind, whether derived thru trauma, pattern, habit or conditioning, are inherently limited and flawed as foundations of rationality as they merely mask the unconscious realms of the mind from which they are derived.  

Life hosts an elephant in the room so big that we've turned something that is the penultimate spiritual experience - while also being the only resoundingly absolute experience you know that you'll have - into the subtext of life's unease and neurosis. The psychological dilemma itself is death, which can only exist to the mind as an abstraction attempting to amend the absolute.

To the Mind, both anticipating and avoiding this dilemma can itself become the enantiodromia or catalyst of your psychological release.

However, in many instances, this dilemma instead lends itself potentially to the formation of myriad mental, emotional and behavioral constructs and defense mechanisms, Mechanisms of Mind. These, whether derived thru trauma, pattern, habit or conditioning become inherently imbedded within our foundations of rationality, that, as mere masks of the unconscious habituate themselves into the rationality that we perceive thru our experience of them.

That is unless you can remain present and aware of these mechanisms as being a sort of efficiency of mind (yes, you read that correctly). This process values conceptual time over the Now, for the Now is inherently beyond conceptualization by mind. Yes, you always need time to process life but not to live it in the moment.

Living at this level of awareness is consciousness. It's not an answer, nor is it an acquiring of a thing or state. It is simply living thru direct awareness - known as the Wholeness Principle. 

This book is a call to understanding and expanding the circumference of self-unconscious awareness.

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