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Love, Love, Love

The quality of any experiential state is either reduced or expanded by the identifiable contrast between conceptual expectation (future) versus a recapitulation of outcome (past). Where does the concept of love (the Now) figure into this conversation. These are my thoughts...

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Truth Slayer - eBook - The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind

Life hosts an elephant in the room so big that we've turned something that is the penultimate spiritual experience - while also being the only resoundingly absolute experience you know that you'll have - into the subtext of life's unease and neurosis. The psychological dilemma itself is death, which can only exist to the mind as an abstraction attempting to amend the absolute.

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Justin Simcik, An Introductory Bio

More recently, Justin has completed a ten-year passion project involving self-inquiry, consciousness studies, shamanism and alternative health that resulted in the writing of his first book, a Consciousness Manifesto titled, The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind, published here and available as an eBook.

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