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This is Justin Simcik gazing far away

Justin Simcik studied painting and sculpture at Cornish College of the Arts, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, receiving his BFA. He is a two-time recipient of the Cornish Merit Award and President's Scholarship. As a student, Justin interned for Seattle artist Gene Gentry McMahon as well as being a volunteer/member at Artist Trust and Glass Art Society.

His work has been exhibited nationally including at the Fisher Gallery (Seattle), the Seattle Art Museum, Washington State Trade and Convention Center, Glass Art Society (Seattle Center), The Brewery Artist Colony (Artwalk, Los Angeles) and The Nashville International Airport (Flying Solo Exhibition Series).

Justin has sold his work nationally as well as Internationally within the U.K., Australia and Saudi Arabia. His work is included in the collections of Adidas - Global Retail Marketing, Taylor Oil Company, Nashville Area Chamber Public Benefit Foundation, the Vanderbilt Clinic, Mary Alice Cooley Permanent Art Collection, Cornish College of the Arts and in the collections of various artists and businesses in Seattle, Los Angeles, Texas and Nashville and New York.

He has collaborated and exhibited work with a number of websites and blogs which include, Domaine, Curate 1k and One King's Lane, as well as on art gallery site UGallery, of which, Bravo T.V. host Stephen Collins named Justin as one of his top 10 favorite artists.

Justin has served as a judge for Poetry Out Loud: National Recitation Contest and has also appeared on Mornings w/ Cindy, The Artist Conversations, with host Cindy Summers, KCWH FM.



The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind

More recently, Justin has endeavored on a 3-year passion project, the result of over a decade long inquiry into consciousness studies, shamanism and alternative health that led Justin to Colorado and New Mexico. While there he lived/worked one-on-one with a local Shaman/healer who guided Justin in intensive earth medicine, self-awareness and consciousness states. He also completed the degree of Master Practitioner in the Usui system of Reiki and holds certification as an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor.

These experiences culminated in the writing of his first book, a Consciousness Manifesto titled, The Pathology of Reason: Mechanisms of Mind, a 55,000+ word manuscript published here and available as an eBook.



Love & Drugs - Streetwear and MerchandiseLove And Drugs - Good Luck Shadow Horned Masked Flames Skull - Pullover Sweatshirt

A coined term representing the juxtaposition of human fragility with the exigency of will. It is a cultural metaphor calling attention to the necessity of personal, creative and artistic expression over an austerely established, homogenized and closed-system view.

Love & Drugs recognizes that the life-blood of any vibrant culture depends upon its diversity as a sign of strength and does not subvert but celebrates this dynamic nature. The point is to let go of closed-system, binary thinking and remain open-minded to the complexities of human nature and creativity and be the catalyst for human awareness and understanding.

May your fate be determined by your character. 



 Truth Slayer

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